Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) is responsible for policy, programs, and appointments for all postdoctoral scholars on campus. OPA oversees, develops, and manages policies governing postdocs; develops educational programs and services tailored to postdoctoral training; and collaborates with university organizations, faculty, administrators, and external entities to facilitate and support the personal growth and professional development of each postdoc.

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs website:

  • Sofie Kleppner, PhD Sofie Kleppner, PhD
    Assistant Dean
    (650) 725-5075
  • Photo Unavailable Annelies Ransome
    Associate Director for Administration
    (650) 736-0129
  • Al Murray Al Murray
    Postdoctoral Services Manager
    (650) 498-7618
  • Tammy Wilson Tammy Wilson
    Postdoctoral Services Manager
    (650) 736-9915
  • Shannon Monahan Shannon Monahan
    Reporting and Finance Analyst
    (650) 723-6120

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