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Employer Opportunities

As sponsors, employers have the unique opportunity to provide enriching internship experiences for trainees, and stand to benefit from the quality of research and technical knowledge that trainees bring to the company/organization.

As trainees of the CEO internship program, our students and postdocs also have the unique advantage of a well-rounded curriculum that helps them identify the right fit of interest, values and skills with that of the company/organization, and develop, define and succeed at projects of interest.

Benefits of participation

Sponsors can expect the following from our trainees:

  • Highly-specialized knowledge and unique technical skills beneficial to the organization
  • Opportunities to share cutting-edge research and current educational methodologies
  • Exposure to Stanford's entrepreneurship-focused curriculum and research which brings creative and fresh perspectives to the company's projects
  • Appreciation and understanding of the company's culture, values, impact and contributions to society

Sponsors will have the opportunity to post their internship offerings directly and exclusively to trainees through our career portal.

To participate, please fill out the following form:

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