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Mini-Courses Overview

These intensive 1-3 week courses allow students to tailor their education across disciplines without requiring a full quarter's commitment. Students and postdocs explore new directions for current research, potential postdoctoral avenues, or topics of interest. Stanford Biosciences students and postdocs have highlighted these offerings as among the most exciting parts of their education, for the way in which they catalyze their research and open new paths.

As a reminder, more than 10 units will result in additional tuition charges. If you don't have units available (3 units max for TGR students, 10 units max for non-TGR students) please attempt to adjust your units when you enroll in a mini-course as soon as possible. It is possible to adjust your research units to accommodate mini-courses. If this is the case, please discuss with your PI and see your Student Services Administrator (SSA) for help registering. For other eligibility and tuition questions please contact your SSA.

Mini-course registration instructions

  • Students: Register via Axess; normal registration deadlines apply
  • Postdocs: Postdocs may apply to Spring 2016 mini-courses using this link. Please note application deadlines below.

Spring 2016 Mini-Courses Timeline

  • Sunday, February 7: Mini-course application available (postdocs); online enrollment opens in Axess (students)
  • Sunday, March 13 at 11:59pm: Postdoc application deadline for spring 2016 mini-courses
  • Friday, April 15: Last day for graduate students add/drop mini-courses via Axess
  • Mid-May: Postdocs who have been admitted to spring 2016 mini-courses notified via email
  • Monday, May 23: First day of spring mini-courses

Winter 2016: Key Dates for Postdocs

  • Sunday, December 13, 11:59pm: Priority postdoc application deadline for winter 2016 mini-courses
  • Sunday, January 31, 11:59pm: Final postdoc application deadline for winter 2016 mini-courses
  • Mid-February: Postdocs who have been admitted to winter 2016 mini-courses notified via email
  • Monday, February 29: First day of winter mini-courses

Mini-courses — Winter 2016

Course Title
Bios 201 Next Generation Sequencing and Applications
Bios 205 Introduction to R for Data Analysis
Bios 223 Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning in Biology
Bios 232 Two-Photon Imaging of Neural Circuits
Bios 245 The Immune Response to Infectious Diseases
Bios 249 Interactive Microbiology

Mini-courses — Spring 2016

Course Title
Bios 204 Modeling Signal Transduction Motifs
Bios 205 Introduction to R for Data Analysis
Bios 210 Axonal Transport and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Bios 211 Histology for Biosciences
Bios 234 Personalized Genomic Medicine
Bios 235 Metabolism and Metabolic Ecology: Microbes, Gut, and Cancer
Bios 236 Developmental Biology in the Ocean: Comparative Embryology and Larval Development
Bios 244 Computer Applications in Pharmaceutical Research and Development
Bios 246 Introduction to Meta-analysis

Note for postdocs regarding mini-courses: To request enrollment in any one of these mini-courses please visit the postdoc registration link to apply. Applying does not guarantee enrollment. You will receive a separate confirmation email once the selection process has been completed. Selection is based on availability and interest in each course. If admitted, you must attend all days of the course. There are no fees to take these courses.

More Questions about Mini-Courses? Visit the Mini-Course FAQ.

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