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The Extra 5% Can Make All the Difference

Programs that will boost your personal and academic development, and help you take those skills where you want to go.

Student Development Guide Primer

Getting started with
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Stanford Biosciences graduate students bring tremendous intellectual skills and ability. From there, we strive to push you to the next level—to develop the intellectual agility to analyze a problem from multiple perspectives and find solutions. It is a process at the heart of our multidisciplinary learning, problem solving, and collaboration. Indeed, these are skills you must develop as a graduate student to become a producer of knowledge and further the biosciences.

The work you invest in the lab is most important to your success, and you can maximize the impact of that time by taking advantage of courses, workshops, and other resources. These programs will teach you about writing for the public, presenting posters, time management, how to find cutting-edge scientific frontiers, interpersonal skills, and more. All of these skills play important roles as you develop your research and research skills, discover your passion, and pursue your career of choice.

To help you get the most out of your "Extra 5%," we have developed this Student Development Guide to highlight top programs in one place. If you have additional recommendations you would like to see featured here, contact us.

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