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The Extra 5% Can Make All the Difference

Using the Student Development Guide

The interactive Student Development Guide collects many of Stanford's programs, courses, and other resources in one place. The choices included on each page were highlighted by students, faculty, and/or staff.

To begin exploring these offerings, click a "skill box" to the left or a "stage circle" above. On each page, you can toggle on/off each of four categories—Events, Courses, Workshops, and Resources—to narrow the selections as you choose.


  • Academic Development (green): programs that develop knowledge, and build skills for graduate school and future academic paths
  • Communication (yellow): programs focused on writing, presenting, and interpersonal relations
  • Professional & Career Development (blue): programs that support career exploration, networking, and professional-skill development


The stages listed for each program are a general recommendation. In most cases, the programs are available to graduate students in any year of their training, and you should register for any program that you feel will be helpful for your development.

  • Scientific Foundations (Year 1): Explore research labs and develop mastery of skills and knowledge that will serve as the foundations of your scientific career.
  • Research & Specialization (Years 2-3): Embark on your independent research and build your scientific community. Explore interests that may lead to future research and professional directions.
  • Mastery & Transition (Years 4-5+): Become an expert in your field and demonstrate that expertise with publications and your thesis. Deepen skills and interests, and take the next step toward your career of choice.

On each card

Each program is displayed on a "card," which contains the following information: the program title with an embedded link for more information, a colored bar indicating the general skill development, the recommended stages, and a description of the program.

Screencapture of example Student Development Guide event card with labels


If you would like to print the pages within the Student Development Guide, you will get optimal results (including color-coding) if you choose the "print backgrounds" option in your print menu.

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