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At Stanford, there are no barriers.

At Stanford, the world's best students have the resources of the entire university at their fingertips. Our network of Biosciences PhD programs provides students opportunities to work in a close-knit, intellectual community. Our 14 Home Programs empower students with the flexibility to tailor their education to their skills and interests as they evolve. Students work with global leaders in biomedical innovation, who provide the mentorship to answer the most difficult and important questions in biology and biomedicine. We encourage our students to flow freely between the 14 Home Programs, with unfettered access to all labs, encouraging collaboration and allowing each student to discover her or his own passion.

Graduate student working

Work with innovators across disciplines

Immersed in Stanford's environment of creative exploration and interdisciplinary collaboration, our students work alongside not only the best minds in the biosciences, but with leaders in chemistry, physics, statistics, computer sciences, engineering, and myriad other disciplines. In addition to first-year coursework and the innovative, discussion-based Foundations of Experimental Biology, students supplement their learning through two-to-three-week mini-courses that span disciplines and generate innovative approaches to problem solving. And through our close partnership with Stanford Hospitals and Clinics, students can witness firsthand the potential real-world impact of their work.

Become a leader, and pursue your passion

Our goal is simple: To empower each student to discover and pursue her or his career of choice. Stanford Biosciences graduates go on to make a difference as leaders and innovators in academia, biotech and government research, business and finance, education, and policy. We will work with you to develop the skills necessary to pursue your individual passion through an integrated academic and professional curriculum. For those with the talent, intellect, and drive to lead the next generation of biomedical innovators, our Biosciences program offers the best path forward.

The 14 Home Programs

Explore our collaborative network of Home Programs, including program overviews and a complete faculty database. Learn More

Empowered Students

Our graduate students get the best of both worlds: the vast array of experiences in a larger program with the individual guidance possible only in a smaller, more intimate setting. Learn More

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The world's finest minds in medicine, physics, engineering, business, design, computing, and the biosciences work just steps from each other—in a culture of innovation. Learn More

Unparalleled Faculty

From scientific giants like Nobel laureate Brian Kobilka to National Medal of Science winner Lucy Shapiro, our faculty is changing the face of human knowledge—through their research and dedication to the success of each student. Learn More

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