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The best of both worlds: the opportunities of an expansive network with the foundational training of a Home Program

Each of our nearly 700 PhD students begins her or his Stanford Biosciences journey by joining one of our 14 Home Programs. These programs give students a "home base" that provides foundational training with a small, cohesive group of faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows who share scientific interests and approaches. Home Programs provide extensive individual attention and guidance, with faculty and peers who inspire students to pursue high-risk, creative research ideas and explore uncharted scientific territory.

Flexibility to explore the biosciences

During their first year, students carry out rotations and are exposed to different research areas and styles. Students arrange rotations directly with faculty, with the flexibility to adjust their durations to get a more varied experience or proceed more quickly to thesis research. Our small programs allow individual flexibility, and students are encouraged to take advantage of the enormous variety of experiences available in Stanford Biosciences' network of Home Programs. As interests evolve, students can decide to conduct their dissertation research in any of the Home Programs, or jointly between labs and programs, regardless of where they originally entered.

Discover new horizons

This innovative interdisciplinary approach provides students with the intimate, supportive atmosphere of a small program while giving them a vast range of choices and opportunities available elsewhere only in large umbrella programs—the "best of both worlds." It also empowers students to customize their education, recognizing that, as they are exposed to the richness of the Stanford Biosciences experience, new and unexpected horizons will open. Indeed, Stanford Biosciences graduate students are encouraged to follow their individual passions as they grow and evolve. Our Home Programs prepare each student to become a leader in her or his career of choice.

Reasons to Make Stanford Home

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