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Dual Degree Opportunities

All Stanford Biosciences students are encouraged to explore all that the University has to offer, to take classes and attend seminars across our campus. Most students elect to expand their horizons through these opportunities.

Stanford also supports students who are interested in pursuing more than one advanced degree. The following list is just a sample of opportunities, and admission to dual-degree programs varies by Home Program. If you are interested in learning more about obtaining a dual degree, contact the Home Programs.


  • PhD/MS in Medicine

    For students interested in translational research, the Master of Medicine (MoM) program exposes students to clinical medicine and trains students to move research from bench to bedside. Integrated with their Biosciences PhD, MoM students take biomedical science coursework with medical students, participate in a translational-medicine seminar series, select a physician mentor, and conduct a clinical rotation. Admission to the MoM program is competitive, with six Biosciences students admitted each year. The MoM program adds about one year to the typical PhD length.

  • MD/PhD

    Students have the opportunity to complete a dual MD/PhD degree through the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP). The application process is through MD admissions.

  • Other Opportunities

    School of Medicine students can pursue, and in some cases individually design, dual-degree opportunities in other schools, such as Education, Earth Sciences, Public Policy, Humanities and Sciences, Law, and Business.

Related PhD Programs

The PhD Program in Bioengineering is administered separately from the Biosciences PhD Programs. However, many Biosciences faculty are active in this program, and students take courses in this neighboring program.

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