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In the Spotlight - Bike Shop of the Month

In 2009 our bike shop focused website host put one of their over 1,000 hosted websites "In the Spotlight" as Bike Shop of the Month. Their basis for selection was a website that is customer-focused and creative. Our website is one of 12 chosen to be "In the Spotlight". Each time one of their host shops went to their website back end in the month of July our "In the Spotlight" was there for them to see. Read below what our host had to say about the Campus Bike Shop to the web masters of all their other websites.

Update Center 7/2009 

In the Spotlight

Located on the beautiful campus of Stanford University in bike-happy Palo Alto, California, Campus Bike Shop takes a distinctively collegiate approach to their impressive website. It's easy to see how they'd be the natural choice for new bikes, repairs and help if you were a Stanford undergrad or alum.

And, in fact, they're so busy they service more bicycles than any other bike shop in
San Mateo County, which is saying something. Keep in mind, too, that when sales are down, maintenance and repairs are usually up, and there's no better way to promote your service department than on your website, like Campus does.

Campus Bike Shop's home page features nice photos of famous Stanford scenes on the banner and navigators that tie in nicely to the friendly campus theme. Up top there's a Class of 2013 Bike Purchase Program that talks to freshmen who usually need a helping hand. The Bringing Your Own Bike to Campus page has all the answers, from getting it there, to registration, to having the shop build your bike. There are other unique navigators that ensure their bike shop becomes the go-to website for Stanford bikers looking for help.

Campus Bike Shop is an example of a shop that understands its customer and has dialed in their site to address all their key needs and concerns. Browsing around you can feel the helpful, friendly and fun nature of the shop and every page reads like it was written by a peer, maybe one of your friends at Stanford. Because, maybe it was. Just a few of the many clever and informative pages they offer include their Custom Packages - Security, Service, and Utility one, the Class of 2013 Program, and their Lock Cutting Service page, and their Storage plan. Plus, they cover all the other bases nicely too, from fun stuff, to rides, to a complete bike and accessory catalog. When it comes to websites, Campus rates magna cum laude.