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Long-Term Customers Hall of Fame

Rachelle Marshall


Rachelle Marshall, showing off her Raleigh 3-speed Sport, writes, "I love it! It rides like a Cadillac".  She has been a wonderful supporting customer of the Campus Bike Shop for over 30 years.

Deborah Rhode

Deborah Rhode is showing off her "new" 3-speed Raleigh.  For over two decades, she has been a great supporter of our shop. This bicycle still has the Campus Bike Shop sticker from the late 1960's.


Hazelle, for over 30 years, has been the most energetic customer we have known.  She has been our cheerleader for the shop through thick and thin. Most recently, she encouraged us to be positive when our bike shop future was in jeopardy when we found out about the demolishing of the bike shop (in the background) from a Stanford Daily article. She rides everywhere on her Raleigh Sports 3-speed with great fervor. The original bicycle frame has been rewelded many times and her Brooks leather saddle was replaced 5 years ago after decades of use.  She can be seen passing students on campus with her tennis racket in her basket on her way to her weekly tennis match.

 Three Cheers for Hazelle!!!!

Frances Bark

Frances Bark, a customer for over 32 years, shows off her recently restored Raleigh 3 speed with a wicker basket and chrome bell.