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Rec Swim is offered at two outdoor locations on the Stanford campus; the Avery Aquatic Center and Avery Recreation Pool. The Avery Aquatic Center is a 50 meter pool setup in long course meters. Avery Recreation Pool is a 50-meter pool setup in short course yards, located on the west side of campus at the Arrillaga Outdoor Education and Recreation Center. Please access our Rec Swim Hours page for specific times for both locations.

Adult Lap Swim and Family Swim

Adult Lap Swim is available during all Rec Swim hours. Family Swim is designated in one area of the pool and only available during Family Swim hours. Swimmers must be 18 years of age to swim during Adult Lap Swim hours. Swimmers under the age of 18 can only swim during designated Family Swim hours and must be accompanied by their parent or guardian. During Family Swim, if a child under the age of 16 is a strong enough swimmer and wants to swim in a lap swim lane, they must pass a swim test administered by the lifeguards. Criteria: must be able to swim 2 continuous lengths of the pool using the freestyle stroke with a strong kick and rhythmic breathing.