Locker Rentals

Stanford Recreation provides day use and rental lockers as a secure place for users and guests to store their belongings.

Day Use Lockers

Day use lockers are available in both the AOERC and ACSR. They are located in the Locker Rooms and Fitness Center at AOERC and on the first floor lobby and Fitness Center at the ACSR. These lockers use keypad locks and do not require you to bring your own lock. Day use lockers are free of charge. Please note they will be cleared out each night at the close of business and any left behind contents will be added to the lost and found.

Annual and Quarterly Lockers

Annual and quarterly lockers are available for rent at the AOERC and the Ford Center. The rental lockers in the AOERC are located on the bottom floor, inside of the locker rooms. Locker rooms in the Ford Center are located next to the Intramural and Club Sport offices. There are no rentable lockers at the ACSR.

$20/quarter or $50/year for Students
$30/quarter or $70/year for Faculty/Staff

Locker Rental Procedures and Policies:

  1. You must have a valid SUID to rent a locker.
  2. Payable by credit card or check (checks made out to “Stanford University”) only and all sales are final.
  3. Lockers are non-transferrable.
  4. The locker rental period follows the academic school year calendar (9/1-8/31).
  5. By renting a locker, the renter agrees that Stanford Recreation is not responsible for the contents of the locker or disposal thereof. Stanford Recreation is not responsible for the items inside the locker if the locker is left unsecured for any period of time. The renter also agrees that if his/her SUID becomes invalid at any time during the rental period of the locker, the Stanford Recreation staff will remove all items from the locker and will lose the rights to that locker.
  6. It is the sole responsibility of the locker renter to be aware of deadlines for renewals. If the occupant does not want to renew at the end of the rental year, personal items will need to be removed before the locker expiration date.
  7. All lockers must be renewed by the expiration date.
  8. Lockers not renewed or vacated by the expiration date will be emptied and personal belongings will be bagged and stored in the AOERC for 30 days.
  9. To reclaim items, patrons must present their SUID at the AOERC.
  10. Any unclaimed emptied locker items will be donated to charitable organizations or discarded, and is no longer the responsibility of Stanford Recreation.
  11. Emptied locker items cannot be shipped.


Rental lockers are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Once all lockers are reserved, a waitlist is generated. As lockers become available at the end of each quarter, those on the waitlist for each location will be contacted to reserve a locker. Each facility has its own waitlist, and individuals will be offered a locker in the facility to which they are on the waitlist. No transfers.