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2008 Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program (SIMR)

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Dr. Utz, Harry and Carol Saal with Julia Ransohoff and Akachimere Uzosike, winners of the Jessica Saal Fellowship Award

Julia's project title: The Gender Divide: Does Donor Gender Matter for Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation?

Akachimere's project title: A Role for Endogenous Peptides in T cell Activation

Two 2007 Interns are Semifinalists in the Intel Science Talent Search (STS) finalists.

Congratualtions to out 2007 interns Kanika Agarwal and Rebecca Chen on being named semifinalists in the 67th Intel Science Talent Search for the work they did in the intership program in the summer of 2007.

The entire CCIS/ITI Summer Intership Class of 2007 did an outstanding job.

CCIS ITI Students Selected as Siemens Competition Semi-Finalists

It gives CCIS and ITI tremendous pride to announce that 2 students from then 2006 CCIS/ITI Summer Research Program have been named as National Semifinalists in the 2007 Siemens Competition and are still in the running to make it to the National Finals. Participation in this competition has often served as a precursor to impressive accomplishments in science. Past finalists hold more than 100 of the world's most coveted science and mathematics honors including six Nobel Prizes, three National Medals of Science, 10 MacArthur Foundation Fellowships and two Fields Medals.

Congratulations to Trit Garg (working in Shoshana Levy's lab) and Bonnie Wong (working in Olivia Martinez's lab) on this fantastic accomplishment.

Congratulations also to all CCIS/ITI Summer students who participated in this year's Competition.

For those interested in learning more about this competition, please see:

2006 Summer Intern named Presidential Scholar

Congratualtions to Caterina Yuan, who was named a Presidential Scholar in June, 2007, at a ceremony at the White House. Click here to read the White House press release.

Caterina Yuan, third from the left in the back row (wearing the tan suit), at the Presidential Scholars ceremony at the White House.

Two 2005 CCIS Summer Interns Selected as Intel Science Talent Search Semi-Finalists

Jonathan Steinman and Julie Boiko have been selected as semifinalists for their work in the 2005 Summer Internship Program. They join June-Ho Kim who was a 2005 finalist.

Summer Internship Program

Click here to read about it in the Stanford Report.

Congratulations to Julie Boiko, 2005 Jessica Saal Fellow, and Stephanie Yaung, who have been selected as Siemens Westinghouse semifinalists. The interns were in the Weissman and Miklos Labs, who did an excellent job mentoring these interns.

Finding innovative answers through interdisciplinary research  

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Juno-Ho Kim, a 2004 CCIS Summer Intern and Intel STS with President Bush. Story and Larger Picture.


The mission of the CCIS is to educate physicians and trainees and the public in order to bring discoveries in basic science to bear on medical disciplines ranging from cancer to diabetes and from arthritis to infectious disease, bridging the spectrum of research from the genetic and molecular level to clinical trials, sharing the information and resources in order to speed the translation of new therapies from the laboratory bench to the patient's bedside.

2004 CCIS Summer Internship Project Leads to Intel STS Finalist

June-Ho Kim, a 2004 summer intern is a finalist in the Intel STS competion. Read the official finalist book (PDF).

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