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The PovGov program carries policy-oriented research focusing on ways to improve governance and accountability of public service delivery in the developing world. This platform focuses on good governance for poverty alleviation, the conditions under which it comes about and how it can be replicated.


The design and implementation of effective government prograns aimed at improving the wellbeing of the poor have proved to be an elusive goal for policy makers the world over. Too often public services fail the poor because of misaligned political incentives and poor governance, which is manifested in corruption, abuse of power, rent-seeking, and dysfunctional or weak public institutions. Although there is consensus on the importance of good governance for poverty alleviation, not enough is known about the conditions under which it comes about and how it can be replicated.The PovGov program carries our policy-oriented research focusing how political institutions and governance practices affect poverty alleviation and the provision of public goods. We aim to gain scientific knowledge about the institutional, behavioral, cultural, and contextual factors leading to improvements in the quality of government in developing societies. We actively seek to partner with government agencies to devise and evaluate interventions aimed at improving state capacity, government accountability, and rule of law.