Coterminal Program

Procedures and Application Forms for Coterminal Students
The Coterminal Degree Program permits Stanford undergraduates to study for a bachelor's and a master's degree simultaneously, in the same or different departments.

Coterminal Course Approval Form
Coterm students can use this form to request that courses be transferred from one career to the other.

CEAS M.A. Student Forms

M.A. Adviser Meeting Form
Form required to be turned in twice per quarter by all students.

M.A. Course Petition Form
Students can petition up to 3 non-East Asia specific courses total to count towards their 9 course degree requirement, if the courses show significant justification and relevance to their research/career goals within the degree program. Courses that are typically petitioned are methodology courses that aid students in conducting research for the thesis in a particular discipline. Petitions must be submitted to CEAS no later than the Monday before the University Final Study List deadline (i.e. if the Final Study List deadline is Friday on October 9, then the last day the petition must be submitted is Monday, October 5).

M.A. Course Planning/Student Progress Form
Students can use the linked Excel spreadsheets to plan courses and calculate units to keep track of the classes they are taking to meet the degree requirements.

Thesis Proposal and Literature Review Guidelines and submission form
Details on the format and content of the required thesis proposal and literature review, in addition to the adviser-signed submission form.

M.A. Thesis Cover/Title Page
Cover sheet for M.A. thesis. Please include as the first page of your thesis and obtain your adviser’s final signed approval before submitting to CEAS. Theses should be bound with a clear plastic front cover and black back cover, using strip binding (this can be done at the Kinko’s on campus).

Common Graduate Student Forms from the Registrar's Office

Program Proposal for a Master's Degree
Proposal form for M.A., M.F.A., M.A.T., or M.S. students.

Request for Graduate Tuition Adjustment
Submit this petition to request for one-time only tuition reduction during final quarter of degree program.

Request for Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR) Status
TGR allows students to register at a reduced tuition rate while working on a dissertation, thesis, or department project. If you are eligible, this form must be completed and submitted to your department for approval.

Graduation Quarter Petition
Intended primarily for graduate students who have completed all course work, degree requirements, and residency requirements.

Leave of Absence Form
A leave of absence is required for any term of the Academic Year (Summer terms excluded) for which a student does not wish to enroll in classes. For students with multiple degree programs or majors, note that leaves of absence are only granted for all programs and majors. Leaves are not be granted for more than one year at a time. A leave of absence from your program may not exceed a cumulative total of two years. For more information on leaves, see the Stanford Bulletin, or click here for the Leave of Absence Information Site for Graduate Students.

Returning Graduate Student Request to Register
Graduate students returning early from an approved leave of absence must file this form before the beginning of the quarter in which they wish to return.

Please visit the registrar’s forms site to see the complete list of available forms.

Useful Info

Housewares and Grocery Stores
A list of local places to buy basic kitchen supplies and groceries, including Korean, Japanese, and Chinese specialty goods.

A list of various restaurants across the peninsula.