• At BIO convention, business boomed, and drug pricing loomed

    Diversity, drug prices, and 'right to try' permeated conversation at the drug industry meeting

  • U.S. EPA advisers want to give formal feedback on plan to restrict the science used by agency

    Surprised by proposal, scientific experts to ask agency chief to wait for their feedback before finalizing rule

  • Giving enzymes floppy surfaces can enhance their activity

    Added surface glycine residues cause partial unfolding that adapts enyzyme to low temperatures

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Energy Storage

Fire-retardant electrolyte could usher in practical lithium metal batteries

Solution containing lithium salt-solvent clusters makes lithium metal batteries safer and long-lasting

Polymer solar cell hopes to claim new record

Engineering two organic molecules for better compatibility boosts the conversion efficiency of polymer solar cells to 14.2%

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Mining archived data for emerging pollutants

Data sharing project lays groundwork for contaminant “early warning network”

Showcasing science’s role in addressing plastic in oceans

International exhibition visits Washington, D.C.