AEFP 41st Annual Conference

The Perils of Research Irrelevance: Balancing Data Use Against Privacy Concerns
Thursday, March 17, 2016 (All day) to Saturday, March 19, 2016 (All day)

Denver, Colorado

Come and see us discuss/participate/present at AEFP 41st Annual Conference on March 17-19, 2016 in Denver, Colorado


Thursday, March 17, 2016

1.07 - Dismantling barriers to college enrollment and completion
Discussants: ODED GURANTZ, Stanford University

CHRISTOPHER A. CANDELARIA, Stanford University. The Sensitivity of Causal Estimates from Court-Ordered Finance Reform on Spending and Graduation Rates. KENNETH A. SHORES, Stanford University

ERIN FAHLE, Stanford University. The Implications of Reduced Testing for Teacher Accountability. JESSICA ALZEN, University of Colorado Boulder, BEN DOMINGUE, Stanford University

ANGELA SUN, Stanford University. The Impact of Developmental Education on For-profit College Student Outcomes. ERIC BETTINGER, Stanford University, HANS FRICKE, Stanford University, SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University, ERIC TAYLOR, Harvard University

THOMAS DEE, Stanford University. School Performance, Accountability and Waiver Reforms: Evidence from Louisiana. ELISE DIZON-ROSS, Stanford University

CHRIS DOSS, Stanford University. Achievement Gaps and Triage: Evidence from NCLB Waivers in North Carolina. THOMAS DEE, Stanford University

SADE BONILLA, Stanford University. The Impact of NCLB Waiver Focus School Reforms on Achievement Gaps: Evidence from Kentucky. THOMAS DEE, Stanford University

SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University. Tenure Reform in New York City: Do More Rigorous Standards Improve Teacher Effectiveness?. LUKE C. MILLER, University of Virginia, ANISAH WAITE, University of Virginia, JAMES WYCKOFF, University of Virginia

ZACHARY SULLIVAN, University of Virginia. The Effect of Virtual College Advising on College Choice. BENJAMIN CASTLEMAN, University of Virginia, ERIC BETTINGER, Stanford University

EMILY PENNER, Stanford University. The Relevance of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy. THOMAS DEE, Stanford University

Friday, March 18, 2016

RACHEL BAKER, University of California - Irvine. Community College Students’ Use of Labor Market Information in Determining Course of Study. ERIC BETTINGER, Stanford University, BRIAN JACOB, University of Michigan, IOANA MARINESCU, University of Chicago

ERIC A. HANUSHEK, Stanford University. Economic Gains for U.S. States from Educational Reform. JENS RUHOSE, CESifo, LUDGER WOESSMANN, CESifo

STEVEN RIVKIN, university of illinois at chicago. The Evolution of Charter School Quality. PATRICK BAUDE, university of illinois at chicago, MARCUS CASEY, university of illinois at chicago, ERIC A. HANUSHEK, Stanford University

EMMA GARCIA, Economic Policy Institute. Racial and Socioeconomic Segregation in U.S. Schools: Consequences on Student Performance and Changes Over Time. MARTIN CARNOY, Stanford University

MIN SUN, University of Washington. Building Teacher Teams: Evidence of Positive Spillovers from More Effective Colleagues. JASON A. GRISSOM, Vanderbilt University, SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University

CHRISTOPHER AVERY, Harvard University. Shifting College Majors in Response to Advanced Placement Exam Scores. ODED GURANTZ, Stanford University, MICHAEL HURWITZ, College Board, JONATHAN SMITH, College Board

JOSEPH B. TOWNSEND, Stanford University. Neighborhood Conditions and College Enrollment. LINDSAY FOX, Stanford University, SEAN F. REARDON, Stanford University

8.01 - A Cost-Effective, Constitutional Methodology for Determining the Actual Cost of a Sound Basic Education
Discussant: ERIC A. HANUSHEK, Stanford University

8.02 - Rating the Teachers: Do Test-Based Assessments Get It Right?
Discussant: THOMAS DEE, Stanford University

8.12 - School Principals: Their Behavior and Effects
Discussant: CHRISTOPHER A. CANDELARIA, Stanford University

BRIAN HOLZMAN, Stanford University. DREAMing of College: The Impact of Restrictive and Accommodating In-State Resident Tuition Policies for Undocumented Students on College Choice and Preparation

SUSANA CLARO, Stanford University. Effect of Teaching on Education Policy Preferences, Case of Teach for All Participants using a Regression Discontinuity Design

LINDSAY FOX, Stanford University. Inferring School Desirability Based on Teacher Transfer Requests in New York City

Saturday, March 18, 2016

PRASHANT LOYALKA, Stanford University. The Impacts of Introducing Accountability: Evidence from a Randomized Field Trial in Vocational Schools in China. GUIRONG LI, Henan University, HONGMEI YI, Chinese Academy of Sciences, NATALIE JOHNSON, Stanford University, HENRY SHI, Stanford University

MINAHIL ASIM, UC Davis. Can Phone Calls Improve Local Governance? Evidence from the School Council Mobilization Program in Pakistan. THOMAS S. DEE, Stanford University

DAPHNA BASSOK, University of Virginia. Can Accountability Measures Increase the Quality of Early Childhood Education? Evidence from North Carolina. THOMAS DEE, Stanford University, SCOTT LATHAM, University of Virginia

ALIZA HUSAIN, University of Virginia. Measuring Principal Effects on Teacher Improvement. THOMAS DEE, Stanford University, DANIEL PLAYER, University of Virginia, JAMES WYCKOFF, University of Virginia

JING LIU, Stanford University. Teacher Effects on Student Class Absences. SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University, CAMILLE RAE WHITNEY, Stanford University

CASSANDRA HART, University of California - Davis. Online Course-Taking and Student Performance in High Schools. BRIAN JACOB, University of Michigan, SUSANNA LOEB, Stanford University