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Research Publications

EPA's Office of Research and Development publishes its products as part of the Science Inventory. The Science Inventory is an on-line catalog of science and products from all over the EPA. The searches on this page will use the Science Inventory site to provide results. You may notice the site's header and navigation will change accordingly.

To find information about ORD publications:
  • Use the alphabetical list of topics below.  Scroll down the list to find the topic of your choice or click on one of the letters to take you to the corresponding location in the alphabetical topics list.

  • You may choose to get a list of ORD's current (within a year) publications ordered by title.

  • To search for specific information in the ORD publications collection, use the box below to enter words or phrases and click on the "Submit" button. To search with more criteria, go to the Science Inventory advanced search.

To obtain copies of ORD (and other EPA) documents:

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