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Master's Admissions

Admissions overview

Our Master of Science (MS) program is a terminal degree for those seeking advanced knowledge in a focused area of chemical engineering to pursue a career in industry or a professional degree, e.g. in medicine, law, education or business. It is based on the completion of lecture courses focused on a theme within the discipline of chemical engineering.  No thesis is required, nor is research required. This program is open to three cohorts of applicants:

  1. Active Stanford undergraduates, who should apply via the internal coterminal degree application process.
  2. Currently matriculated Stanford graduate students; see departmental students services.
  3. External applicants who have completed a bachelor’s degree or will have completed one before matriculating as a graduate student.  Individuals in this third group apply online. 

The deadline for M.S. applications is Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Each department conferring graduate degrees establishes its own application deadlines. An applicant may apply to only one degree program at Stanford University, meaning the applicant must choose one department and degree program and can have only one active application. All components of an application to the Department of Chemical Engineering must be received by the department no later than the appropriate due date. Tuesday, March 15, 2016, is the deadline for all components of a MS application to be received by the department.

All applicants must make an official application, using the university's online forms and procedures, and following the directions from the Office of the Registrar, Graduate Admissions. Visit the Grad Admissions site for more information about the graduate admissions process at Stanford and to apply for graduate admission.

Applicants should upload any pertinent documents, such as transcripts, to ensure a complete online application.  In addition, all applicants must provide two (or two sets of) original transcripts (academic records); they should be sent in their original, sealed envelopes, directly to the department.  If ETS results (scores and percentages) are not reported on the application, copies of unofficial GRE and TOEFL score reports, and any other documents, such as resumes or publications not already uploaded, should be sent to the department.

Mailing or courier delivery address:
MS Graduate Admissions, Chemical Engineering
Stanford University
Shriram Center, Room 129
443 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94305-4125

Email: (for graduate admission inquiries)
Phone: (650) 736-6694

Note: Most of the university is in the 94305 zip code; use of the extended zip code, 94305-4125, will help ensure accurate and a more expeditous delivery.


Application evaluation

Our admissions committee carefully considers all completed applications to Chemical Engineering's MS program.  Decisions are based on the student’s academic record and experiences, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and test scores. Applicants are informed of their acceptance into a degree program during our winter quarter. While most applicants to our advanced degree programs have traditional chemical engineering backgrounds, we do accept applications from students in other related fields: chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, biology and so forth.

If your bachelor's degree is in another field, do you have sufficient background knowledge in the key engineering concepts required of an undergraduate majoring in chemical engineering and thus would thrive in an advanced degree chemical engineering program? Those with non-traditional backgrounds should expect, if admitted, to spend some additional time acquiring the background necessary to complete a graduate degree in chemical engineering.  For reference, the requirements for a Stanford BS in Chemical Engineering can be found in the Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs

A departmental committee of Chemical Engineering faculty members makes all decisions regarding admission to our advanced degree programs. Decisions by are based on thorough evaluations of all aspects of completed applications, i.e. applications are evaluated in their entirety and within the context of the program pool. Hence, final decisions are not made on a rolling basis, but rather when the pool is complete, on the deadline date.

We are unable to provide informal recommendations or evaluations on the basis of partial information, e.g. a CV or test scores or a transcript. Inquiries and materials sent to individual professors will be redirected to administrative staff. We encourage potential applicants to consider discussing their issues with faculty recommenders who know them well and could give better, individualized academic advice.

Financial Aid

Financial aid for graduate students includes student jobs, assistantships, loans and fellowship awards, from either external sources such as governmental agencies, industry or private foundations; or from internal university, school and departmental resources.  Offers of admission to our MS program are made without financial aid and are valid until the end of August of the same year. Those considering pursuing their master’s degree are encouraged to visit Stanford Financial Aid to obtain more information about financing graduate study.

Students with questions about our graduate programs in Chemical Engineering or the graduate admissions process in general are asked to first explore all the online resourses, such as this departmental website and the university's central Graduate Admissions site.

Also, go to the Explore Degrees section of the Stanford Bulletin to see university student affairs policy and departmental degree requirements and visit the Explore Courses section for lists of all courses offered in 2014-2015, their descriptions and instructors.

Those with further questions may email Please use “Admissions” in the subject line, e.g.  ADMISSIONS – [your full name] & [key word(s)].

If you think one of our graduate programs is a good fit with your educational background and future academic and career goals, we in the Department of Chemical Engineering very much look forward to receiving your application. Applicants with completed applications should expect to hear from us by mid April for the MS program. If you do not receive an email from from our student services office by these decision dates, you may email with this particular inquiry. (Subject: MS decision?) as we are unable to provide any applicant information over the phone.

We wish you all the best as you make your decisions about your educational future.