Center for Immersive and Simulation-based Learning


CISL and its components carry out a variety of research projects that can be categorized as either

  1. Research ABOUT simulation: development of simulation technologies or techniques; creation and testing of simulation curricula and pedagogy; assessment of simulation’s impact on teachers and learners
  2. Research USING simulation as a tool to study: performance assessment of clinicians or teams; human factors of clinicians or teams using clinical equipment, supplies, and systems; modifications to patient care protocols or procedures

Research Grant Support

CISL and its components have received the following grant support related to Immersive and Simulation-based Learning:

CISL: AHRQ #U18 HS16630; Preparing Rural And Urban Hospitals To Improve Safety Culture Through Simulation; PI: GABA, DAVID; 9/30/2006 – 9/29/2008; $177,000 per annum

Patient Simulation Center of Innovation at VA Palo Alto HCS: PSCI faculty are investigators in the CISL grant above and in several grants held by other PIs.

CAPE: Innovations in Patient Care; Better, Faster, Cheaper, Nursing Orientation; PI: Yeager, Kim; June 2006 - June 2007; $25,900

For more information about medical education research at Stanford University School of Medicine, please visit the Stanford Center for Medical Education Research and Innovation (SCeMERI).


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