Center of Excellence in Diversity in Medical Education

Personalized Coaching Sessions

Coaching is a cooperative approach to changing a learning strategy style. Within 45 days of meeting with the Learning Specialist to determine the specific behavior to alter, a plan is devised and accountability is guided via telephone, in-person, or email. The most common academic issues that can be addressed via coaching:

  • reducing anxiety by managing time efficiently
  • setting up and maintaining flexible calendars
  • balancing stress by incorporating times to synthesize information in addition to learning new information
  • adapting or adopting a new strategy such as pre-reading or pretesting
  • incorporating exercise and/or social activities to release stress
  • using questions to enhance retention
  • increase academic confidence by becoming metacognitively aware
  • when and how to study with a partner or group
For more information about the Personalized Coaching Program or if you are interested in participating in the program, please contact Lisa Medoff, PhD (, the Learning Specialist of School of Medicine.

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