Stanford University

Rebele Symposia

Rowland and Pat Rebele generously support the Dept. of Communication, providing funds for the Symposia and the Rebele Internship Program.

Rebele Symposium: Shaping Your Speech

Shaping Your Speech: Media Reform, Past and Present

Mignon Clyburn, Victor Pickard & Morgan Weiland. Ted Glasser and Christine Larson moderate.

April 1, 2015

Rebele Symposium: Media Work

Media Work: News, Networks and Power in the Digital Economy

Gina Neff, C. W. Anderson and Christine Larson and James T. Hamilton

April 10, 2014

Rebele Symposium: More Voices, More Choices?

More Voices, More Choices?: Inclusion and Influence in the Post-Mass Media World

Catherine Squires, Katie Orenstein and Ivan Sigal

April 17, 2013