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CS 22 — Enhanced Website Design

Quarter: Spring
Day(s): Mondays
Time: 7:00—8:50 pm
Date(s): Apr 11—Jun 6
Duration: 8 weeks
Drop By
Drop Deadline: Apr 24
Unit(s): 1 Units
Tuition: $380
Format: On-campus course
Limit: Limit 20
Status: Open
Please Note: No class on May 30
This course builds on the concepts and coding learned in “Beginning Website Design” (CS 21), and will expose students to some of the advanced techniques used by web professionals to create dynamic web pages. Topics will include a brief review of the web page creation process, site organization techniques, and web design issues (including the biggest mistakes designers make and how to avoid them), Cascading Style Sheets (including CSS3), JavaScript, and adding HTML5 video. We will also cover creating HTML5 forms and basic CGI scripting (Perl and PHP), incorporating e-commerce into a site, and creating dynamically produced web content. We will touch on some of the modern Web 2.0 tools, including blogs, wikis, podcasts, and content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal.

Students must have completed “Beginning Website Design” (CS 21) or have equivalent experience in coding a basic website. Students are required to bring a laptop computer to class. Students will have the option to purchase electronic reference materials for $40. The instructor will discuss how to access the materials on the first night of class.

Mark Branom, Technology Instructor

Mark Branom received an MA from Stanford and specializes in demystifying computers and information technologies for non-techies.

Textbooks for this course:

No required textbooks