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PDV 102 — Improv-ability for Life and Work

Quarter: Spring
Day(s): Wednesdays
Time: 6:30—9:30 pm
Date(s): Mar 30—May 18
Duration: 8 weeks
Drop By
Drop Deadline: Apr 12
Unit(s): 2 Units
Tuition: $505
Format: On-campus course
Limit: Limit 22
Status: Closed
In work and life we often run into situations that require an impromptu, improvised response, such as giving an unplanned speech, articulating the solution to a problem, or establishing a new relationship. This course will offer creative new ways to think on your feet and expand your comfort zone. In each class, you will begin by sharpening your improvisational skills through theater games and exercises designed to get the judge off your shoulder, and develop in-the-moment presence, whole body listening, and quick impulse responses.

These skills will then be applied to real-life and work situations to practice in a risk-free environment. You will explore impromptu speaking by drawing on your immediate knowledge and environment while using a framework to quickly organize your thoughts for presentations, panel discussion, and storytelling. You will engage in role-playing to practice new conversational skills for job interviews, building client relationships, and resolving hard conversations that pop up in work and life. In a safe environment, where we cultivate interacting as a team, you will explore structured improvisations to gain confidence in your ability to respond quickly and authentically to changing circumstances through your heightened “improv-ability.”

Lee Eisler, Business Coach

Lee Eisler specializes in public presentations, leadership presence, interviewing, storytelling, and improvisation in the work world. Her company, Presence Delivered, focuses on developing and bringing forth each person’s unique voice and personal presence. She received an MS in kinesiology and performing arts from Simon Fraser University.

Gary Grossman, Independent Theater Professional; Professional Coach; Educator

Gary Grossman is a professional consultant in public presentations and leadership presence working with groups and individuals in businesses and universities. He is the senior presence coach at Presence Deliver, and has taught theater and improvisation at Academy of Art University, San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking, and the Marin Shakespeare Company. He has also been the artistic director of The Moving Targets, an improv company. Grossman received an MFA in education and theater with a specialty in improvisation.

Textbooks for this course:

No required textbooks