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Spring Quarter

Spring Registration Now Open
Most Classes Begin Mar 28
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Tuition is indicated with each course description and varies depending on course length and class size.

Tuition may be paid by credit card, check, cashier's check or money order, or STAP funds (for those eligible). We cannot accept cash payments in our office.  If your check is returned for any reason, we will charge a $25 service fee.

Continuing Studies does not offer a payment program or financial aid. Full payment of tuition and fees is due at the time of registration.

Registration Fees

A non-refundable registration fee of $35 is required for each student once per quarter. If the total amount of your course tuition and/or event fee is less than $100, then the registration fee is waived.

Discounts and Tuition Assistance

Each student qualifies for only one discount. Discounts do not apply to courses with tuition under $100 or to special events. Discounts apply only to tuition, not to registration or course fees. Discounts apply only to the person associated with that discount category and cannot be extended to friends or family members. If applying to use a Stanford-affiliated discount, a valid Stanford email address and a university ID number is required.
  • Stanford University STAP-Eligible Employees: Employees who work 50% time or more and receive STAP funds may apply up to the full amount of their yearly STAP fund allocation ($800) toward Continuing Studies tuition and registration fees. It is your responsibility to verify that you have sufficient STAP funds before enrolling in a course. To check your STAP balance online, go to http://axess.stanford.edu and login with your SUNet ID by clicking Training > STAP Balance.  For more information, see our STAP Policies page.
  • Stanford University Faculty: Stanford faculty members are not eligible for STAP funds. Faculty may receive a 20% tuition discount. (Eligibility is defined as university faculty who receive a regular paycheck from Stanford and have a valid university ID and Stanford email address. This discount is not available to visiting lecturers.)
  • Stanford University Staff (non STAP-Eligible): Stanford staff who are not STAP-eligible, or who have used up their annual allocation of STAP funds, may receive a 20% tuition discount.
  • Stanford Hospital Employees: The Continuing Studies office no longer accepts educational assistance forms directly. Employees of Stanford Hospital and Clinics, or Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, who wish to apply their educational fund allocation toward Continuing Studies courses are asked to pay tuition and fees in full at the time of registration and then seek reimbursement from your HR Manager.
  • Stanford Medical Center Employees: 20% tuition discount. (Important: Hospital Employees using their Educational Funds should not use this discount.)
  • Stanford Alumni Association (SAA) Members: 15% tuition discount (valid ID number required). To obtain your SAA ID number, please contact 650 723-6185 or membership@stanfordalumni.org.
  • Stanford Business School Alumni Association (SBSAA) Members: 15% tuition discount (valid ID number required). To obtain your SBSAA ID number, please visit alumni.gsb.stanford.edu and log into your profile.
  • 65+: 20% tuition discount. Students may be required to provide proof of birth date.
  • Classroom Teachers: 20% tuition discount. Valid for credentialed teachers currently employed full-time and teaching in a classroom at an accredited academic institution. Students may be required to provide proof of eligibility. The Continuing Studies Program offers this discount to encourage the dissemination of knowledge and scholarship within the classroom. Therefore, this discount is limited as follows.
  • Discount eligibility extends to:
  • K-12 classroom teachers at public and private schools
  • Faculty/teaching staff at community colleges
  • Faculty/teaching staff at public and private four-year universities/colleges
  • Discount eligibility does not extend to:
  • Administrative/non-teaching staff
  • Tutors
  • Daycare employees/providers
  • Substitute teachers
  • Part-time adult school instructors
  • Executive education providers
  • Librarians (reasonable exceptions considered)
Teachers must provide proof of eligibility by submitting the Teacher Verification Form.