News and Developments

Columbia University Libraries has appointed a new Director of the Copyright Advisory Office.  Rina Elster Pantalony started in November of 2014. She can be reached at

New!  Office Hours are now held from 10am to noon every Tuesday.  Come to Room 507D of the Butler Library if you are part of the Columbia University community and have questions about copyright law.

The website for the Copyright Advisory Office will be undergoing substantial revisions during the months to come.  Stay tuned for a launch date for the new site.

The Copyright Advisory Office will be launching its Twitter account shortly.  Stay tuned for updates.

Looking for the most-frequently visited pages of this website?  Google Analytics tells us where some of the heaviest traffic is going:

To that end, the Copyright Advisory Office of Columbia University:

  • Addresses issues of fair use, copyright ownership, and publishing arrangements in furtherance of higher education and the advancement of knowledge;
  • Provides copyright information and education resources for the academic community;
  • Supports innovative policies and practices to foster the creation, preservation, and accessibility of information resources; and
  • Undertakes research and exploration of copyright issues to provide supportive understandings of the law and its importance to educational institutions and libraries.

Need to Report a Copyright Infringement?

See this page:


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