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Welcome to the Court Keeper, Stanford Athletics' online tennis court reservation system.

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Court Usage Priority

Tennis team events/practices, physical education classes and special events have priority over all other use. Otherwise:

  1. Use of the tennis courts is restricted to individuals who are members of the Stanford University community.
  2. To Reserve Online:
    1. You must have a SUNet ID. (If you do not have a SUNet ID, check to see if you are eligible at http://sunetid.stanford.edu/create).
    2. You may reserve one court for an hour up to one week in advance. (If you need two hours your playing partner may sign up for an additional hour).
    3. Important: Print your reservation confirmation and bring it to the court.
  3. If you are not eligible for a SUNet ID, but are a member of the extended Stanford community as defined below, you are entitled to use any court not occupied by a person with a printed confirmation. This is on a first come, first served basis.
    Identify yourself to anyone already on the court or to anyone who asks when you are playing:
    1. Retirees – by presenting your Faculty-Staff ID Card
    2. Visiting Scholar or Associate - by presenting a “Key Card” (Obtained from the front desk at the Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation – 341 Galvez Street).
    3. Full-time hospital employee or Spouse of Stanford faculty, staff, student or retiree - by presenting a "Courtesy Card" (Obtained from the ID Card Office – Forsythe Hall, 275 Panama Street (650)725-5501).
    4. Stanford Alumni and Summer Conference Participants - by presenting a "Guest Athletic Facility Pass" (Purchased at the Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation – 341 Galvez Street).

(The 3a – d categories above have equal priority to each other, but have secondary priority to a person with a printed reservation – .i.e, a SUNet ID holder. It is strongly suggested that you choose a time of play based on availability as noted on the Reservation Sheets for each venue)

In fairness to other court users, the following rules apply:
  1. You can only reserve 1 hour per day. (Your partner may sign up for a second hour if available)
  2. Your court reservation for that hour will voided if you fail to arrive 10 minutes after
    the hour
  3. You can only reserve 1 court per day.
  4. You cannot reserve a court more than 7 days ahead.
  5. Click the time slot to reserve.
  6. Click it again to remove reservation.
  7. Click the "delete reservations" button to remove previously made reservations. If you are unable to honor your reservation, repeat "no shows" who fail to "delete reservation" will have their reservation capabilities revoked.
  8. Print your Reservation Confirmation and bring it with you to the courts in order to verify to anyone using the court that you have official and immediate priority.
  9. Private lessons are absolutely prohibited unless specifically authorized by the Department of Athletics!

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