The following SVG, EPS, and PNG files should be used for print publications. Please see our policies page for more information about how our logos may be used. CC logos and trademarks should always be downloaded from this page to ensure high quality. Downloads from other sites may not conform to our standards and may result in improper display or use of our protected logos and trademarks.

The SVG and EPS vector files are recommended for use in print materials — The standard screen resolution files will appear blurry or jagged if used in print. There are links to large format, high quality PNG versions of each graphic for web, print, presentations, and video.


  • creative commons logo

    svg eps png

  • Logo set in Akzidenz Grotesk Bold.
    If unavailable, replace with Gothic 725 Black, Helvetica Bold, or Arial Bold.



Physical Media

(all in PDF unless otherwise noted)

Six licenses for sharing your work – Simple, quick introduction to Creative Commons licenses. Also available as a folded brochure. (Source files)

Guide to using public domain tools – Simple, quick introduction to Creative Commons’ public domain tools. Also available as a folded brochure. (Source files)

What is Creative Commons? (Mirror on – Short introduction, designed for half-page double-sided printed flyers.

What is Creative Commons? (Mirror on – Full introduction designed for full page printouts.

What is Creative Commons? poster (Mirror on – Large format poster.

How To License poster (Mirror on, Inkscape SVG source files) – Large format poster explaining our six licenses.

Licensing and Marking Your Content (pdf) (Mirror on – Full page printout with information about marking CC content.

Sharing Creative Works Comics (Mirror on, Inkscape SVG source files) – A general introduction to copyright and CC licensing.

Encouraging the Ecology of Creativity (pdf) (Mirror on – A background on the history and ideology of Creative Commons.


Our print colors are as follows:

c:7 m:0 y:5 k:28
r:171 g:179 b:172

Full color palette, and application swatch files.

*The building blocks icon used to represent “to remix” is derived from the logo. Thanks to FC.o, an international student movement for free culture!