“The CREDO report last week was absolutely a wake-up call, even if you dispute some of its conclusions or its language. The charter movement is putting itself at risk by allowing too many second-rate and even third-rate schools to continue to exist. Your goal should always be quality, not quantity.”

– United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan,
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools National Conference, June 2009



Improving Education Decision Making

The Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) is committed to improving the body of empirical evidence about education reform and student performance at the primary and secondary levels.  Established at the University of Rochester in 1999 and relocated to Stanford University one year later, CREDO has become a leading independent voice in the discussion of how to improve education in America, with an emphasis on rigorous program and policy analysis as the means of informing and improving education decision making. 

Our primary aim at CREDO is to support educators and policymakers in using the insights that come from sound research to shape program and policy development. We focus on asking the right questions and delivering statistically sound answers as the basis for assessing the effectiveness of education initiatives.  We also work to align expectations among key groups around how a quality school performs and how different stakeholders can work together to ensure accountability and academic excellence. 

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