“Too often, current approaches to evaluating school performance rely on data that are seriously limited and misleading, unhelpful to schools, and inappropriate for high-stakes judgments.”

– Introduction, Framework for Academic Quality, Building Charter School Quality Project



CREDO’s Approach: Data-Driven Analysis

Solid, unbiased analysis of programs and their results is critical for continuous improvement in any field.  In education, this idea has gained increasing traction in recent years as educators and policymakers have come to realize that the success of education reform efforts depends on the ability to reliably evaluate programs and assess the impact of new initiatives.  At CREDO, our well-structured and well-executed analyses allow educators and policymakers to evaluate policy changes in a measured environment and apply that knowledge to a new effort for continued improvement.

Our focus on empirical evidence stems from our conviction that it creates a more open-minded environment, de-personalizes and de-politicizes issues, builds teamwork and community, and most important, motivates improvement and guides rational decision-making.  Our services include Research and Analysis and Strategic Planning and Performance Management.

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