Q: How do I apply?
A:  To apply for the Masters program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, please submit an online application through the Stanford Office of Graduate Admissions.
Q: What are the application requirements?
A:  For application requirements, please see our MA Program page.
Q: How do I submit a letter of recommendation?
A: All letters of recommendation must be received through the Stanford Graduate online application system. We cannot accept letters by mail.
Q: Can I submit my application before my references submit letters of recommendation?
A:  Yes, you should submit your application by the stated application deadline, independently of the submission of letters of recommendation.  
Q. How do you make admissions decisions?
A. The admissions committee takes a holistic approach in evaluating candidates.  No one component of the application is more important than another. In addition to evidence of a strong academic background, the committee looks for students who have demonstrated a clear interest in the region, have a sense of how pursuing the MA will fulfill their academic and/or professional goals, and are likely succeed in the program.



Q: Are there minimum GRE scores you require?
A:  The GRE is an important component of the application, however, there are no fixed test score cutoffs.
Q: Will you accept standardized tests other than the GRE?
A: No. As per the policies of the Stanford University Office of Graduate Admissions, all graduate school applicants must take the GRE.  For more details regarding test requirements, please visit the Office of Graduate Admissions website.
Q: I am a foreign student; do I need to take the TOEFL?
A: Foreign students need to submit the TOEFL unless they have degrees from English-speaking institutions. The TOEFL must have been taken within the past 18 months. Please see the Office of Graduate Admissions website for details regarding test requirements.

Q: Will you accept IELTS scores instead of the TOEFL?  
A: No, Stanford does not accept IELTS test scores. Please see the Office of Graduate Admissions website for details regarding test requirements.



Q: How many students enroll in the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies MA program?
A: We typically have a cohort of between 6-9 MA students each year.

Q: Can I enroll in multiple programs to earn a dual degree?
A: Visit the Stanford Bulletin page for information on pursuing a joint degree at Stanford.

Q: Can I study a language outside the region?
A: It may be possible to study a language outside the region as part of the MA program if you can demonstrate the relevance of this language to your study.

Q: What jobs have recent CREEES graduates accepted?
A: Our alumni go on to work in various fields in the private and public sectors and academia. You can find more information about the placement of CREEES alumni on our website.


Q: What is the tuition for the MA program?
A: Information about Stanford University tuition can be found on the University Registrar page.
Q: Is financial aid available?
A: Contingent upon funding, we do offer a limited number of FLAS fellowships to qualified, admitted students who are US citizens.  The FLAS fellowships cover tuition and a stipend for living expenses.  For more information, please visit the “Financial Aid & Funding Opportunities” section of our admissions page.

Q:  Do you offer application fee waivers?
A: Applicants may apply for an application fee waiver.  Information can be found on the Stanford University Graduate Diversity Staff Council website.