• The Major

  • How do I file to graduate? Can I participate in the graduation ceremony even if I am not receiving a diploma?

    If you are actually graduating and recieving your diploma, you need to do two things. First, make sure to fill out a program sheet and turn it in to Meredith Hutchin at least one quarter before you intend to graduate. Then you must file to graduate on Axess. There is a deadline for this; check the academic calendar. If you are not actually graduating, but you want to walk through at graduation, then you should keep an eye out during spring quarter for an email announcement from Meredith. She will send out mail to the BSCS list when walk-through petitions are available, and you need to fill one of those. The university requires you to have at least 165 units in order to walk through at graduation.

  • Coterminal Program

  • What is the "coterm" or "coterming"?

    At Stanford, you can get both your BS and MS degrees together by participating in the Coterminal Master's Program ("coterm" for short). This program is extremely popular in computer science, with students from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds (including CS, EE, Psychology, and more) pursuing an MSCS. You may apply to this program for any quarter of the academic year prior to completing your eleventh quarter of undergraduate study and as early as your eighth quarter (or upon completion of 120 units). Information about application details and deadlines is available from the CS Graduate Admissions Office coterm page. Applications to the coterm differ very little from the regular application to the masters program in computer science. Students accepted to the coterminal program who have completed 180 units or more are officially considered graduate students and are subject to all the rights and responsibilities thereof, such as opportunities to get teaching and research assistantships, graduate tuition rates, and so forth. Please see the coterm page for more information.

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