Aiken/Widom Travel Favorites

We've only incorporated a few favorites here from our massive Year Off for Travel. Separately we created a comprehensive list of the hotels and outfitters we used during the year -- 99% of them were truly excellent.

We're developing a list of out-of-the-way accommodations or outfits we've been particularly happy with during our travels. They're not necessarily the most mainstream or well-known even among adventure travelers, but we had great experiences and highly recommend them:

Here are some more mainstream places that we still found unusually enjoyable:

The lists are relatively short, at least for now, in part because we've only included things we consider extra-special. Also, we often travel entirely by rented camper or charter sailboat:

Patagonia: Most travelers either go with an organized "eco-travel" group or are on the hostel circuit. It's feasible to do something in between: similar accommodations and activities to the groups but independent travel and a fraction of the cost. We made all the reservations for our 2002 trip by email through two in-country travel agents, both of whom were responsive, helpful, reliable, and fairly priced:

Peru: We arranged our first independent Peru adventure trip (2006) online with two agents and a hotel, all of which we recommend: We arranged a second trip (2009) to Huaraz, Peru for trekking only. We highly recommend the following trekking agency and affiliated Huaraz guesthouse:

Other Aiken/Widom Travel Pages

Quite some time ago I (Jennifer) wrote an essay on Adventure Travel with Children Under Four. It evolved into an article about our family travels by Alice Cary that appeared in the Great Outdoor Recreation Pages online magazine ( Subsequently I wrote two addenda to the original essay: Adventure Travel with Children Ages 4-6, and Bareboat Cruising with Young Children. Since then, I'm afraid my writings have not kept pace with the ages and travel activities of my children.

Here's a log and a few photos from our travels and a travel quote I really like.