Multidisciplinary Cutaneous Lymphoma Group

New Patient Referrals

Information for the Physician

We look forward to meeting with your patient and speaking with you in the near future. We hope the visit to our clinic will be a positive experience for your patient and look forward to assisting you in their care. With your help, we can maximize the benefit of new patient visits by having you provide various items prior to their appointment. Here is a list of items we would like to have:

  1. Records of any office visits, diagnostic tests, including laboratory studies, radiology, or pathology samples, faxed to our office at (650) 723-6956, Attn: Deborah Kelly, New Patient Coordinator, prior to the appointment date.
  2. The patient will be asked to provide any pathology samples, especially skin biopsies the day of the visit. Your office may be asked to assist in this task. We prefer the patient to hand carry the slides to our clinic because slides have been lost when attempts were made to have slides mailed to our clinic, for example, delivery to the wrong address.
  3. Please provide your name, address, phone number, and FAX number of your office.
  4. We always wish to speak with you directly after the visit to discuss our recommendations for your patient. A phone number with a direct extension or paging information is preferable.
  5. Allowing pre-approval for tests and procedures is preferable. At times, we do require further studies to complete our evaluation and recommendation.

For an appointment, please contact the Stanford Cutaneous Lymphoma Group New Patient Coordinator at (650) 723-5400 (for referring physicians) or (650) 498-6000 (for new patients).

For general questions, please call the RN Coordinator at (650) 721-5406.

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