Stanford Design Program

03 Undergraduate

Stanford is a selective University with high standards for admission to either the undergraduate or graduate program in design. General information about the University and the admissions process at Stanford can be found at

The cost of an education at Stanford is always an issue for students. Information about financial aid for undergraduates can be found at


Undergraduates who have been admitted to Stanford though the regular admissions or transfer process may declare Product Design as their major. For information on applying to Stanford go to

The Product Design major concerns itself with the conception and design of products, services and experiences for the benefit of society. The program teaches a design process that encourages creativity, craftsmanship, and personal expression, and emphasizes brainstorming and need-finding to discover latent or un-served human need. Students studying Product Design follow the basic Mechanical Engineering curriculum and are expected to meet the University requirements for a Bachelors of Science. See the Stanford Bulletin for the current School of Engineering and Product Design major requirements or go on-line at for complete details.

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