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The Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages (DLCL) is composed of five academic departments, the Research Unit and its five Focal Groups, and the Language Center, which oversees language instruction at Stanford.

Each department in the division is distinguished by the quality and versatility of its faculty, innovative approaches to cultural traditions and expressions, and a wealth of resources for the mastery of languages. Reflecting Stanford’s commitment to academic excellence, the DLCL provides a unique opportunity for students who wish to develop a deeper understanding of non-English speaking cultures.

For students interested in study abroad, the DLCL plays an important role in the Bing Overseas Studies Program in Florence, Madrid, Paris, and Santiago. These programs, open to all students who complete the required language preparation, extend the educational spectrum well beyond textbooks and classrooms, providing students with invaluable cultural and life experience. Detailed information may be obtained from the “Overseas Studies” section of the Stanford Bulletin, the Bing Overseas Studies web site, or the Overseas Studies Program Office in Sweet Hall.

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