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Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities Focal Group (DHFG) began in the 2013 Fall Quarter, when it was convened by Dan Edelstein and Michael Widner. The DHFG promotes faculty and graduate research in the digital humanities through lectures series, praxis workshops, curriculum, and the identification and development of digital humanities research projects, especially those eligible for grant-funding opportunities. These activities provide fora in which faculty and graduate students can share work in progress, discuss the state of the field, and identify important research that should be shared with the DLCL and broader academic communities. Crucially, the DHFG promotes digital research on underrepresented literatures and cultures to counteract the English-language dominance of much work in the field.
The DHFG also has partnerships with similar endeavors at Stanford such as the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis, the Literary Lab, HCI, and with the larger academic community through organizations like the Association for Computers and the Humanities, the Praxis Network, and HASTAC.
In its first year, the DHFG provided a critical survey of methodologies, theories, and practices in the field of digital humanities through a diverse series of lectures by high-profile speakers and through workshops, all of which can be seen in our calendar of events.