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Undergraduate Studies


The Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages (DLCL) combines five departments: Comparative Literature, French & Italian, German Studies, Iberian and Latin American Cultures, and Slavic Languages and Literatures. Each of these departments offers one or more B.A. degree programs, as well as undergraduate minors. The DLCL also offers a minor in Modern Languages, which allows students to study two languages and literatures. Please see below for a complete list of degree programs.

The DLCL offers a wide variety of courses, meant to appeal to students of all majors. TheLanguage Center (housed in the DLCL) offers courses that bring students toward proficiency in modern languages. Courses in literature, film, music, and culture are taught both in foreign languages and in English.

If you are a Stanford student and are interested in a major or minor please see Declaring the Major or Minor.

If you are not a student at Stanford yet, please refer to Stanford Undergraduate Admission.

Declaring the Major

Students at Stanford usually declare their major during their sophomore year after they have taken a few classes in the department. If you are interested in one of the DLCL’s majors, please email the Chair of Undergraduate Studies to request a meeting. They will discuss with you the degree of your desired department (Refer to the department sites for contact information). You should also familiarize yourself with the requirements for your program.

A minor may be declared without prior consultation. To do so, enter your declaration in AXESS with a list of courses that you have taken or will take to fulfill the minor requirements. The department will review the declaration and notify you when it is approved.


Each department has appointed a Chair of Undergraduate Studies (CUS), who advises students on their academic program. Students should meet with the CUS for their major or minor at least once a year to discuss study plans, research, departmental requirements, etc. Please see the department sites to identify the CUS for each department and for contact information.

DLCL Peer Advisors

Undergraduate student peer advisors are senior majors in the DLCL who have studied abroad and offer their advice to fellow students. They are available to meet with students to answer questions related to the major and minor and other relevant topics. Peer advisors also act as student representatives in the departments and organize events and social activities.

Each department's peer advisor is listed on the department site. If you are interested in becoming a peer advisor, please contact your department's Chair of Undergraduate Studies.


The Honors program for the Division is directed towards students who wish to engage more thoroughly with their field of study. It allows students to research a topic of their choosing in depth with the help of a faculty adviser. The program is voluntary and open to any student majoring within the Division who satisfies their department's honors requirement; usually a GPA of 3.5 or higher in the courses of the major.

The honors program cycle begins in the spring quarter of the junior year with an informational meeting, at which the incoming group of honors students is identified. Four weeks later we bring together the new honors juniors at an honors writing workshop. By the end of spring quarter honors students submit their honors essay proposal and have determined who their adviser will be.

The Division hosts a a three-week Honors College each September before fall quarter begins. Honors college is led by a DLCL faculty member and a graduate student teaching assistant. All honors juniors are strongly encouraged to attend.

In fall quarter of the senior year, seniors writing an honors essay are required to take DLCL 189 - Honors Thesis Seminar for five units. The course is intended to support the honors essay writing process. In winter quarter, students will enroll in an independent study with their primary adviser. Students are asked to submit their completed essays in Spring quarter of their senior year by May 15. We nominate at least one essay for Stanford's Golden Medal award each year.

Transfer credit

Students wishing to transfer applicable work from other institutions should contact the Registrar's Office.

Study abroad

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Most DLCL majors and minors study abroad. For more information see Stanford Overseas Programs. Students should meet with their department's Director of Undergraduate Studies before they begin their studies abroad to review their program of study. In addition to the Bing Overseas Study programs, Stanford recognizes and accepts coursework done abroad from other overseas studies programs. If the student is considering attending a non Stanford program he/she must contact the registrar before the study abroad program begins to insure that coursework will be accepted by Stanford.

Theme houses

La Maison FrancaiseMajors and non-majors may be interested in housing at one of the several language theme houses on campus. Every department within the division (DLCL) is represented by a language theme house. Academic and Language Houses enable both majors and non-majors with an active interest in a field to live together and explore a theme in a fun and comfortable residential setting. Most houses maintain active contact with faculty in the relevant academic departments and often host noted scholars, cultural figures, and political leaders. For students preparing for or returning from overseas study, the houses with a language theme provide opportunities to use the language on a daily basis.


Commencement ceremonies are held once a year in June. Students apply to graduate via AXESS , usually in early April. Deadlines for graduation are available at the Registrar's Office, and also on the front page of the quarterly time schedule. For details about commencement weekend, please visit the Commencement website.


Career Planning and Development

The CDC organizes a Career Fair for students interested in languages, please contact the Career Development Center (CDC) for information about careers in languages including work opportunities abroad. The CDC provides yearly career orientation and workshops/events (e.g. résumé preparation) for students on the job market.


This section is under construction. If you are an alumnus who received a major or minor in one of our departments and have an interesting story to submit about how your language studies has served you in life or career after graduation, please let us know! Email Denise Winters.


Denise Winters Undergrad Student Services
Pigott Hall, Bldg. 260, Rm. 128 Stanford, CA 94305-2005
Phone: 650-723-1967


If you are an alumnus who received a major or minor in one of our departments and have an interesting story to submit about how your language studies has served you in life or career after graduation, please let us know! Email Denise Winters.


When do I declare honors?

Honors are declared at the end of your junior year by June 1st.  Declaring earlier is not an option because Honors is offered to students with a minimum GPA of 3.3 overall or 3.5 in the department . You must have taken enough classes that we can reliably predict your GPA. When declaring honors, you must choose a faculty adviser as the “primary reader” and another faculty member as a “secondary reader.”