David Ehrhardt

Department of Plant Biology
Carnegie Institution for Science
260 Panama Street
Stanford, CA 94305
Phone: (650) 325-1521 x261
Fax: (650) 325-6857 
Email: ehrhardt stanford.edu


Plant Cell Development
We investigate plant cell development and morphogenesis, utilizing live cell imaging techniques and moelcular genetics  to visualize and investigate the organization and dynamic behaviors of molecules and organelles. Problems of special interest include how cells generate asymmetries and specific shapes. A current focus is how the cortical microtubule cytoskeleton acquires organization and how this organization in turn functions to organize the plasma membrane and cell wall to guide patterns of cell growth and division.

Ehrhardt lab website  

Selected Publications:
Nakamura M, Ehrhardt DW1, Hashimoto T1. (2010) Microtubule and katanin dependent dynamics of microtubule nucleation complexes in the acentrosomal Arabidopsis cortical array. Nature Cell Biol. Published ahead of print October 11, 2010. doi 038/ncb2110.
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