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Computer simulation of miscible gas injection; the boundary between gas (colored) and oil (black) is unstable, leading to viscous fingering and poor oil recovery.

Energy Resources Engineering faculty and graduate students conduct research using computational, experimental and theoretical approaches. Research is currently ongoing in the following areas:

  • Reservoir characterization, uncertainty modeling and geostatistics
  • Computational modeling of subsurface flow (reservoir simulation)
  • Enhanced oil recovery (thermal, chemical, gas injection)
  • In-situ combustion and in-situ upgrading
  • Shale gas, shale oil, and other unconventional resources
  • Well test analysis
  • Advanced well and wellbore flow modeling
  • Clean energy conversions
  • Carbon capture during coal combustion
  • Geological sequestration of greenhouse gases
  • Geothermal engineering
  • Renewables such as large-scale solar and marine energy systems
  • Modeling of integrated energy systems
  • Process optimization and inverse modeling (history matching)

See more details on the Research Groups page.