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Undergraduate Student Milestones

BS Milestones & Deadlines

Declare the Major 

Description: Complete Department Declaration form and meet with Director of Undergraduate Studies in Geophysics to get his signature before turning in form to Student Services Manager; fill out Registrar's form on Axess 
Deadline: Before registering for Winter quarter of Junior year; recommended: fall quarter of Sophomore year or as soon thereafter as possible
FormUndergraduate Curriculum Proposal

Annual Review 

Description: Students should meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies in Geophysics annually to review progress towards degree completions and complete an updated list of classes taken and to be taken for the major. 
Deadline: To be completed by the end of Autumn quarter
Form: Undergraduate Annual Progress Report

Select Research Advisor and Topic 

Description: All BS students must complete 5 units of independent research or an approved summer internship, and write a senior thesis or honors thesis on that topic under the guidance of a faculty research advisor.  Suitable advisors and topics are typically identified while taking Geophys 201. Senior Thesis advisor can be outside of Geophysics, so long as the project covers geophysics.  
Deadline: Spring quarter, Junior Year (recommended: Winter, Junior year). Most students carry out their undergraduate research over the summer prior to their senior year.  Deadlines for applying for summer salary either through the UAR Major Grant or through the SESUR program are in Winter Quarter, typically late February.
FormUndergrad Research Advisor & Topic

Optional: For students planning to attend graduate school

  • Take Graduate Record Examination, typically at beginning of Fall Quarter Senior Year.
  • Consider applying for NSF Graduate Fellowship Program, in October of Senior Year, and NDSEG Fellowship, in December of Senior Year (the simple act of applying enhances your application to grad school, because it shows you believe you are competitive for a national fellowship)
  • Consider applying for competitive international fellowships (Rhodes, Marshall, Gates, Churchill, Fulbright …) - see Bechtel International Center website, deadlines are very early in fall quarter your senior year

Optional: For students planning to take Honors

Log on to Axess to submit a formal request. Departmental deadline: prior to the "application to graduate deadline" for the term prior to the first term in which the student intends to enroll in Geophys 198 (note: this departmental requirement is one or more quarters *before* the Registrar's deadline).

Required oral presentation

Description: Each candidate must present and defend the results of his or her research at a public oral presentation attended by at least two faculty members. Senior Thesis presentation is typically 30 minutes in length and presented within a the framework of a relevant GP385 seminar.  Student must notify TWIG.  
Deadline: Must be completed before BS degree is awarded.  
FormUndergraduate Oral Presentation.pdf