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Graduate Admissions

Graduate Programs brochure

The School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences welcomes your interest in our graduate programs. 

We are committed to educating a new generation of scholars who will reflect the diversity of intellectual perspectives, life experiences, and cultural backgrounds represented in society today. We offer disciplinary study within geology, geophysics, Earth system science, and energy resources engineering, and interdisciplinary study spanning the range of research areas within and beyond our school.

We encourage you to explore our departments and programs, and to contact individual faculty in your areas of interest. The deadlines for applying for the 2016-17 academic year have now passed.  Applications for the 2017-18 academic year will be available in September. 

Newly admitted graduate students are highly recommended to visit the new GRADGATEWAY website at for important informations and resources to help launch your graduate career at Stanford.  

Department of Energy Resources Engineering

Energy Resources Engineering builds on a foundation of engineering principles to explore Earth's energy resources, including optimizing oil recovery from petroleum reservoirs, carbon capture and sequestration, efficient geothermal engineering, clean and efficient energy conversions, and renewable energy systems.

Degrees awarded: MS, Engineer, and PhD in Energy Resources Engineering; MS and PhD in Petroleum Engineering

Department of Earth System Science

Earth System Science works to understand, predict, and respond to human-caused and natural environmental change at local to global scales. To do so, the department investigates the complexity of the global system, including the interactions, synergies, and feedbacks that link the oceans, atmosphere, land surfaces, and freshwater systems.

Degrees awarded: MS and PhD

  • For more information, please see the ESS Graduate Admission page
  • Department contact:  Vanessa Bravo,, (650) 721-5723
  • Application deadline:  December 8, 2015

Department of Geological Sciences

Geological Sciences focuses on the history and structure of the Earth, the physics and chemistry of Earth materials, the processes that cycle those materials on a global scale, and the interaction of human activities with geological processes and resources.

Degrees awarded: MS, Engineer, and PhD

  • For more information, please see the GS Graduate Admission page
  • Department contact:  Alyssa Ferree,, (650) 723-4835
  • Application deadline:  January 5, 2016

Department of Geophysics

Geophysics combines the principles of physics and geology to explore the Earth using seismic waves, electromagnetic fields, satellite data, and rock physics to address questions about global Earth structure, earthquakes and fault mechanics, volcanic processes, surface deformation, and groundwater contamination.

Degrees awarded: MS and PhD

  • For more information, please see the Geophysics Graduate Admission page
  • Department contact:  Nancy Thurlow,, (650) 724-3293
  • Application deadline:  December 15, 2015

Earth Systems Program

Degrees awarded:  BS, MS, MA

Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources (E-IPER)

The Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources is a graduate program, training the next generation of scholars and leaders to address the world's most challenging environmental and sustainability problems. Drawing on expertise from many areas at Stanford, students integrate disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and approaches to address questions related to energy, water resources, food security, land use, conservation, and climate change.

Degrees awarded: PhD in Environment and Resources; for students in Stanford's Graduate School of Business, Stanford Law School, and School of Medicine, a joint MS in Environment and Resources in conjunction with a professional degree (MBA, JD, or MD)

  • For more information, please see the Joint MS or PhD admission page
  • Program contact (PhD):  Jennifer Mason,, (650) 723-6117
  • ​Program contact (Joint MS): Anjana Richards,, (650) 721-1673
  • Application deadline for PhD program:  December 1, 2015
  • Application deadline for Joint MS program (currently-matriculated MBA, JD, MD students only):  January 29, 2016

For additional information, please contact Roni Holeton, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, at (650) 721-3383 or