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SE3 Field Program

The School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences recognizes that field-based education is both a fundamental component of undergraduate education and an integral part of an earth scientist’s and engineer’s professional development.

Field-based education provides students with hand-on experience understanding earth’s dynamic processes and developing their observational, spatial, and problem solving skills. Topics topics include Earth History, California Geology, Coastal Ecology, Geologic Hazards, Human-Environment interactions, Energy Resource Production and many more.  Experiences take the form of field trips associated with lecture courses, stand-alone field courses, and quarter-long field schools comprised of multiple field courses.

There are field experiences available at all levels of experience and background.  Some of them are designed for upper level undergraduate majors and graduate students but many are explicitly designed for students with little or no background who just want to learn a little about the natural world and our interactions with it.