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FAQ for Current Students

How do I add a MA degree in Economics? 

File a Graduate Authorization petition in Axess to add the additional degree.  Stanford charges a fee to add additional degree programs.  Once your grad auth petition has been approved, submit a MA program proposal form to the Student Services Manager.  This form is available our our curent student resources page.

I am an international student and my country has a tax treaty with the U.S.  Do I need to file a form to claim tax treaty status each year?

Yes, if you are on fellowship support, you can claim tax treaty status by filing form W8BEN

If you are on payroll, working as an RA or TA, file form 8233.

The 8233 Form must be completed each tax year.

What do most Stanford Econ PhD students do during their first summer?

You must be enrolled in order to receive a fellowship stipend. First year students on fellowship enroll in a directed reading with their advisor. In addition, students may:

  • Work as a research assistant
  • Work for an economic consulting firm
  • Study to retake failed exams  
  • Travel - brief trips are acceptable, but students are required to be on campus and have regular contact with their advisor during the summer to begin research work.

Can I select finance as a field and take courses in the Business School to fulfill the field requirements?

Yes, you can choose finance as one of your fields. GSB624, 625, and 626 are automatically accepted as field courses, GSB620 is not accepted. Other courses outside of Econ must be pre-approved by the DGS in order to fulfill field or distribution requirements.