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ICE Graduation

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Our Students & Alumni

The ICE program draws students from a diverse set of backgrounds. They represent many countries, undergraduate majors, and experiences. ICE students are willing to question conventional beliefs and models about the role of education in society.


The MA Papers listed here were completed by students who graduated from the ICE/IEPA MA program over the past several years. The list provides a sense of the very interesting and challenging projects students are able to accomplish in just one year’s time. Hard copies of all MA papers may be found in Cubberley Education Library. Stanford-affiliates may login with their SUNet ID and password to view the papers.

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Careers in ICE

Roughly half of the graduates of the ICE Doctoral program go on to academic careers in colleges and universities primarily in North America. The other half pursue careers in government, research, consulting organizations, and foundations.

Graduates of the ICE/IEPA Master's program frequently hold research and program management positions in education research or development organizations.

Job Placements of the ICE/IEPA MA Cohort, Classes of 2013, 2014, and 2015