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ICE Graduation

Photo of campus architecture


Photo of Madelyn Gardner
Madelyn Gardner, IEPA MA, 2015

As an undergraduate, I had the opportunity to volunteer as a teacher to incarcerated students, an experience that sparked a strong interest in education and its potential to enrich individuals’ lives. This interest took a global turn during a semester abroad in Senegal, where I interned at a... Read more

Patrick Curry
Patrick Curry, ICE MA, 2015

Before coming to Stanford, I worked as a teacher and curriculum developer in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Czech Republic, and Thailand. Working within these different education systems allowed me to develop an informed and critical perspective on how the interplay of numerous... Read more

Jane Leer
Jane Leer, IEPA MA, 2015

I first became interested in the role of education in international development while studying abroad in Santiago, Chile as an undergraduate development studies major. After completing my BA degree I worked for a little over three years on education projects in Latin America, first as an... Read more

Felipe Michel Santos Araújo Braga
Felipe Michel Santos Araújo Braga, IEAPA MA, 2015

My career trajectory in the field of education started when I was an undergraduate student majoring in Economics and Public Administration. Those degrees were both oriented toward educational theories and policies. Back then I realized that the best thing I could do was to help people become... Read more

Minahil Asim, ICE MA, 2015

I grew up in Pakistan and before coming to Stanford, spent two years in the country conducting research, closely working with academics and the government in the field of education. In the process, I developed a keen interest in understanding issues in school governance, particularly in the role... Read more

Photo of Maria
Maria Claudia Soler, IEAPA MA, 2014

I have always felt unsettled by the dilemma that young people face early in their lives. They make decisions that will deeply impact the rest of their lives such as what to do after high school, how to afford the cost of college, and what to study in college if it is an option. I wanted to help... Read more

Photo of Erika
Erika Keaveney, ICE MA, 2014

Prior to joining the Stanford ICE program, I served as the Executive Director of a non-governmental organization which works to expand access to education, health, and economic opportunity for marginalized communities in India and Cambodia. While my background covered the broad spectrum of... Read more

Photo of Moxley
Kimberley K Moxley, ICE MA, 2014

I came to the ICE Program after completing a year abroad teaching and researching language education practices as a Fulbright Scholar in Spain. Given the growing political upheaval surrounding national and minority language use in schools that I observed occurring across Europe and the United... Read more

Photo of Nozomi
Nozomi Nakajima, IEAPA MA, 2014

Growing up in the Philippines and Japan, I developed an early interest in understanding social inequality at both the national and international levels. During my undergraduate studies at Yale University, I was introduced to seminal pieces in sociology and economics, many of which focused on... Read more

Die Hu, ICE MA, 2014

My undergraduate and graduate degrees in journalism and media studies exposed me to educational issues faced by developing countries such as China. After graduating with an M.A in Communications from the London School of Economics, I worked in the Students Affairs office and participated in the... Read more

Luana Marotta
Luana Marotta

I started conducting education research in the second year of my undergraduate program at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, my country of birth, where I studied Social Sciences. I worked for three highly productive years with The Group of Educational Assessment and Measures,... Read more

Jennifer Chan
Jennifer Chan, PhD

I was transitioning from the private sector and had backpacked around Asia for a year prior to landing on the farm. I knew that I wanted to do research on human rights but was not sure about the disciplinary angle or program. The ICE program in the Stanford University School of Education turned... Read more

Jeremy Jimenez
Jeremy Jimenez

Originally from Jersey City, New Jersey, I received both my B.A. degree in History/Psychology and M.Ed. degree in Social Studies Education from Rutgers University. My experiences growing up in an urban, low income community, coupled with a few key teacher role models (including my parents),... Read more

Photo of Julia Lerch
Julia Lerch

I started focusing on education issues after completing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom. I began by working on an education campaign for children in conflict-affected and fragile states at the International Save... Read more

Tom Luschei, PhD

I benefited tremendously from Stanford’s ICE Ph.D. program. I took rigorous and engaging classes with world-renowned professors, received top-notch training in educational research methods, participated in research projects in the U.S. and abroad, and interacted daily with brilliant peers. After... Read more

Photo of Nii Addy
Nii Addy, PhD

I'm originally from Accra, the capital of Ghana, West Africa. After years spent bonding with a bunch of other guys at St. Peter's Secondary School, I spent two wonderful years teaching at Bishop Bowers School - the elementary school I had attended. I think it was there that my professional... Read more

Photo of Garnett Russell
Garnett Russell, PhD

Before entering the doctoral program in International and Comparative Education (ICE) at Stanford's School of Education, I worked for two years as a policy analyst in Bangkok, Thailand for the regional office of UNESCO on the monitoring and evaluation of Education for All (EFA) in the Asia... Read more

Elizabeth Buckner
Elizabeth Buckner, PhD

Prior to Stanford, I went to Swarthmore College, and graduated in 2006 with a Special Major in Educational Studies and Sociology/Anthropology. At Swarthmore, I had conducted research in Moroccan schools on the implementation of a minority language education program to teach Tamazight as part of... Read more