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STEP members discussing at a table

The Seeds of Change Flavor Garden

Since 2006 STEP Elementary teacher candidates have had the unique opportunity once each quarter to work in the “learning garden” of Jesse Cool, a local chef and pioneer in the sustainable food movement . In a curricular module that focuses on activities in the garden and kitchen, candidates explore the life-cycle of healthy food—from seed to table and back again—and its connection to both a sustainable environment and a healthy lifestyle. Teacher candidates discuss ways to incorporate a study of healthy eating and living habits into the curriculum and consider how a life science garden might contribute to these outcomes. Jesse Cool and her master gardener, Drew Harwell, have put together One Pot, No Recipe, 10 Ingredients.

Check out the latest video of Jesse Cool and STEP's work together!

"We start the seeds in the earth, the sun makes the plants grow, we pick them, we cook them and then we take all the scraps to the compost bin where energy makes more dirt and we plant more seeds." ~ Jesse Cool

For more on Jesse's work with STEP, see the 2006 Stanford News Service article

Drew Harwell, master gardener, shows the teacher candidates what crops are ready for picking.

A teacher candidate takes what she's learned in Jesse Cool's garden and adapts it for her school.