Graduate Degree Progress

For each Stanford advanced degree, there is an approved course of study that meets both University requirements described in the Stanford Bulletin, as well as Department requirements described in the EE Graduate Handbook.

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MS Degree Progress

MS Student Progress

Early in the first year of their coursework, MS students must submit a Program Proposal Form that outlines their planned scope of work. In general, it must include the following elements: 

  • Depth in one subject area,
  • Breadth outside the depth area,
  • Seminar coursework,
  • Unit requirement fulfillment (45 units total).

For details about the program proposal and requirements, visit the EE Graduate Handbook.

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PhD Degree Progress

PhD Student Progress

In order to meet the requirements of the PhD program, every student must meet department and university requirements:

  • Find a research topic and supervisor,
  • Pass the department’s qualifying examination,
  • Complete the candidacy form (complete the courses listed),
  • Form a dissertation reading committee,
  • Pass the Oral Examination, in which dissertation results are presented and defended,
  • Submit the dissertation to the university.

For details about these steps, visit the EE Graduate Handbook.

The following information will serve as useful references for all graduate students:

Stanford Bulletin
EE Graduate Handbook 14-15 
EE Graduate Handbook 13-14
Stanford Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures (GAP Handbook)
University Forms
Department Forms

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Degree Progress Officer

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Student Graduate Advisor

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