Coterminal Program

The coterminal degree program allows Stanford undergraduate students to study for a master's degree while completing their bachelor's degree(s). Although coterms have the same BS and MS degree requirements, being able to pursue the degrees in tandem can shorten the timeline to graduation. Recent statistics show that 18 percent of engineering coterms are able to finish both degrees in four years, and nearly 70 percent wrap up both degrees in five years or less.

All coterm applicants should read through the Stanford Bulletin: Coterminal Degrees information.

In addition, an informative article about coterms can be found on the School of Engineering website.

Eligibility Requirements

In general, interested applicants with strong academic records are eligible to apply when they’ve earned 120 units toward their bachelor’s degrees. Students should apply to the coterm program no later than the quarter prior to the expected completion of the undergraduate degree (e.g. Winter quarter of Senior year prior to Spring quarter graduation). For detailed eligibility conditions, please consult the Applying to Coterm page on the Registrar's website.

Applicants to the EE coterm are not required to be majoring in EE as an undergraduate. Students with a technical background in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or the hard sciences are welcome to apply.

Course Transfer Policies

After accepting admission to the EE coterm program, students may request transfer of courses from the undergraduate to the graduate career to satisfy requirements for the master's degree. Transfer of courses to the graduate career requires review and approval of both the undergraduate and graduate programs on a case by case basis.

In the EE coterm program, courses taken during or after the first quarter of the sophomore year are eligible for consideration for transfer to the graduate career; the timing of the first graduate quarter is not a factor. No courses taken prior to the first quarter of the sophomore year may be used to meet master's degree requirements.

To request transfer of courses, students should complete the Coterminal Course Approval Form and submit it to the Student Services Center by the Final Study List deadline of the final undergraduate quarter. Course transfers are not possible after the bachelor's degree has been conferred. This form should be signed by EE's Degree Progress Officer (Packard 163), as well as by the Student Services Officer in your home department if your undergraduate major is not EE.

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