Part Time MS & NDO FAQs

Do HCP students earn the same Master of Science degree as full-time students?
Yes. HCP students earn and receive the same Master of Science degree as full-time students (i.e. no denotation is made regarding part-time status or the HCP).

I have taken Non Degree Option courses. Must I incorporate these into my Honors Cooperative Program application?
Yes. Please add Stanford University as one of your Post-Secondary Institutions in the Educational History section of the application, and upload your unofficial Stanford transcript there.

The online application link is no longer valid. How do I apply?
In June, the online application link becomes inactive due to preparation for the next application cycle. Typically the online application is made available again in mid-September. Please refer to our application deadlines and submit your application by the appropriate deadline.

Who should write my letters of recommendation?
Your letters of recommendation should come from academic (or professional) references that speak to your academic and/or research background. Recommenders should know you well and be able to comment on your strengths and your potential for graduate study. Academic references are strongly preferred, and we do not encourage submitting more than one (1) professional reference.

I am currently in a graduate degree program elsewhere, can I transfer and/or transfer units to the M.S. degree?
No credit from another institution may be transferred to the Master's degree. However, up to 18 NDO units earned at Stanford maybe applied toward the Master's degree. These units must meet departmental requirements.

How many NDO units may count toward the HCP graduate degree?
Stanford will permit a maximum of 18 NDO units earned at Stanford to count toward the M.S. degree program. These units must meet departmental requirements.

May I change my status from part-time to full-time study?
Yes. However, please note the following limitations:

  • Students must complete a minimum of two (2) quarters in the part-time program before transferring to full-time
  • Students can make a maximum of two (2) transfers during the program (e.g. transfer from part-time to full-time and back to part-time)
  • Students may not transfer to full-time status during the last quarter of their degree program

Please contact the Stanford Center for Professional Development for the appropriate form. They will route the form to the EE department for approval. You will receive a formal notice from the SCPD office when the process is complete.

Can I still take a course that has prerequisites I have not taken?
It is at the instructor’s discretion to permit you to take the course without taking the prerequisites. Please contact the instructor of the desired course to see if the course is appropriate for you.

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